Puppy Romp Socials in North Portland

puppy romp socials Schedule

Puppy Socials: Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30 p.m., drop in schedule, puppies 8-20 weeks are welcome
Puppy Preschool: Every Wednesday at 7:15 p.m., rolling enrollment, puppies 7-13 weeks at start of class are welcome
Puppy Kindergarten: Every Monday at 7:15 p.m., open enrollment, puppies 14-20 weeks at start of class are welcome
Class size: We cap out at 8 puppies per session for all puppy classes and socials.

Puppy Class Deals:
Playful Puppy Package 1: Puppy Preschool + 5 pack of Puppy Socials, $225, a $25 discount.
Playful Puppy Package 2: Puppy Kindergarten + 5 pack of Puppy Socials, $255, a $30 discount.
Pleasant Puppy Package: Puppy Preschool + Puppy Kindergarten (10 weeks of training), $305, a $30 discount!
Prodigy Puppy Package: Puppy Preschool + Puppy Kindergarten + 5 pack of Puppy Socials, $385, a $50 discount!

Puppy Social Packages:
1 Social-$20, 3 Socials-$55, 5 Socials-$90, 10 Socials-$170.

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Puppy's Date of Birth
Which date would you like your puppy to start attending puppy romps? *
Which date would you like your puppy to start attending puppy romps?
SUPPLIES: I understand that I need to bring a hungry, healthy, mildly exercise puppy to puppy social. I agree to bring high value treats such as tiny chopped up hotdogs, and a long term consumable like a frozen peanut butter kong. I will not bring my puppy in on a retractable leash, and I will ensure my puppy is wearing a quick release collar or body harness during the romps. *
Cancellation Policy: In the event that you need to cancel your registration, you will be given a refund if we receive notice 24 hours prior (by closing the previous business day). Last minute cancellations or no-shows will not be granted a refund. If you decide that you would like to switch days of the week for your puppy social, you must make arrangements to transfer prior to the start date of the class you’ve originally enrolled in. Transfers will not be granted after the original puppy social(s) you’ve enrolled in begins. Please contact us at (503) 289-7472 or by email at Northportlandclubk9@gmail.com if you would like to cancel your registration or transfer your enrollment to another social. Puppy Social packages are nonrefundable once a session has been used. If a refund is granted for any package or class, it will be refunded minus processing fees and used sessions will be billed from the credit, prior to refund, at the non-discounted rates applicable. *
Voluntary Participation: 1. I acknowledge that I have voluntarily entered into a North Portland Club K-9 Program. 3. I agree to keep my dog fully vaccinated, worm free, and flea free while participating in any North Portland Club K-9 program. 4. I understand that in order to attend a North Portland Club K-9 class, my dog must be social with both humans and other dogs. If at any time North Portland Club K-9 deems my dog a threat to themselves or others, my instructor may remove my dog from class at their discretion. 5. Children under the age of 8 attending our group training classes must have two adults present. *
Assumption of Risk: Assumption of Risk: 1. I am aware that there is a risk of injury to my person and/or my dog. I hereby accept any and all risk. 2. I hereby agree to hold North Portland Club K-9, its employees, and sub-contractors harmless against any damages or injury to my dog or me. 3. I accept full responsibility for any damage or injury to property, persons, or animals caused by my dog. 4. I have carefully read and fully understand the contents of this document. I recognize that this contract releases North Portland Club K-9, its employees, and sub-contractors from any and all liability resulting from my participation in its programs. *
Vaccine & Health Requirements: Puppies need at least one round of DAP administered 10 days prior to their first puppy social, a recent examination by a veterinarian, proof of deworming. Puppies exhibiting coughing, sneezing, loose stool, or lethargy should stay home and contact their vets before returning. Please provide a copy of your puppy’s vaccine status prior to their first social or training class. *