What’s special about North Portland Club K-9?


it starts with a well trained and well compensated staff,

  • All staff has completed The Dog Gurus and/or Fetch Find training modules

  • Incentives are given for staff to continue their education in dog behavior and training

  • All staff is taught Positive Reinforcement training methods

  • After a brief probationary period, our beginning pay rate is above Portland’s livable wage and well above industry standards

  • Full time employees receive access to 100% paid health Insurance

  • All employees receive PTO and fixed schedules

It continues with our Management Team,

  • North Portland Club K-9 is owned by an experienced dog trainer

  • Our facility is managed by a long term employee and dog trainer (KPA CTP & CPDT-KA)

  • All Managers are experienced animal caretakers and long-term staff that have received additional training and education

  • All Managers are Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR

our Commitment to being environmentally friendly,

  • We reduce, re-use, and recycle in every way we can! Even the poop!

  • We use Green Pet Composting: Our special compostable poop bags and all of the poop is composted and kept out of the landfill.

  • Paper free registration and record keeping for the animals in our care

  • Paper free kennel organization

  • We only use cruelty free and environmentally friendly products: from dog shampoo to dish soap

our love for our community,

  • Yearly participation in events such as fundraising for the Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash (we love OHS)

  • We regularly foster dogs from Northwest Animal Companions and Underdog Railroad Rescue

  • The dog wash stations are open for all foster dogs at no charge.

  • We love helping with raffles! Let us know if you need a gift certificate for services to be raffled off.

our support of regulation in the dog training and animal care industry,


our safety features,

  • Rubber play floors to protect the sensitive and growing joints of running or wrestling pups.

  • All exit and entryways are protected with secondary confinement to prevent dogs from accidentally escaping.

  • The dogs play “naked” to prevent mouths from tangling in loose collars.

  • The dogs are always supervised by experienced dog handlers.

  • Dogs from different families are provided with completely separate sleeping and eating quarters.

  • All clients receive a late night safety check and potty break.

  • Our facility is fully alarmed and monitored. We have a security camera system to record just about everything that happens in our facility. Footage is kept on file for 30 days.

and continues with how we run Our play groups.

  • All dogs go through our thorough pre-screening before allowed into the facility for the in person evaluation day, and dogs who have been MIA for more than 1 year must go through the process again

  • We only accept 1-2 new dogs a day

  • We only allow local dogs into the daycare and boarding program which means just about everyone is a “regular”

  • We incorporate training and enrichment into the day for our dogs, including group sits, agility equipment, bubble machines, kiddie pools, peanut butter kongs for break time, working on “door manners” and more!

  • We use positive methods of interrupting play to reduce chances of arguments between over-excited dogs, such as practicing recalls, group sits, and redirection