Never feel guilty again!

While you’re enjoying your vacation, your canine companion can enjoy a vacation as well, at Club K-9. We offer well-appointed standard suites and extra large deluxe suites for larger families and our senior guests that like to take some time to lounge around. All of our suites are furnished with rugs to relax on and raised beds for a rejuvenating night of sleep. We can even leave a doggy treat on your dog’s pillow as part of our turn down service.

Daytime is playtime at Club K-9. After breakfast each morning, our staff invites guests to join their friends for a full day of fun and frolic, and provides activity and attention to meet your dog’s individual demands. Some of our guests love to play in the kiddie pools while others prefer to be kissed or cuddled. Some of our guests like to retire to their rooms for rest breaks throughout the day, and some would rather hang out with their buds to play. At Club K-9, we’re more than happy to accommodate every one of your dog’s special needs.

At Club K-9 we provide all inclusive boarding--each of our guests receive a full day of daycare, custom meal preparation (we have a fridge, freezer, and microwave), administration of medications (pills, serums, supplements, we can do it all), a furnished room at your preference, a late night potty break between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. supervised by our live-in overnight caretakers, and lots of love. Private Care guests receive 5 potty breaks including a neighborhood walk instead of playing with the other guests. Our live-in caretakers allow an added peace of mind in that if any of our guests ever needs to go to the vet, get late night medication, or needs some extra care during the late hours, we are able to provide our guests with just that. All of these amenities are all included with each night of boarding. Our check out time for boarding is at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, and 11 a.m. on weekends. Late check out rates equivalent to daycare fees will apply after our check out cut off times.

Check our our daycare page for requirements and setting up an evaluation, which is required, before boarding.

All guests receive a complimentary bath after a seven-night stay.
Any guest staying over three nights is welcome to a complementary self-wash.

Boarding Cancellation Policy:
-Short Term & Non-Holiday Weekends: 48 hours prior to the day of drop off for any changes, see agreements for details
-Long Term & Holiday Weekends: 7 days prior to the day of drop off for any changes, see agreements for details


Mon-Fri: 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Sat: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Sun: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. 

Boarding dogs left after pick up hours are checked into daycare and charged the regular daycare rates. You are welcome to use a day off of your package in replacement of paying the daycare fee.

Boarding Rates

social Daycare & boarding Evaluations

  • Evaluations are complimentary for dogs attending for the 1st time! Come check us out and see if its a fit for your pup!

We recommend pups new to the facility attend daycare a few times prior to boarding, but it is not required.

social Boarding rates

Includes full day of daycare and late night potty break. All clients receive a complimentary photo report cards.

Standard Suite (5.5'x6'):

  • 1 dog- $50, 25% off per additional dog in same suite

Deluxe Suite (10'x7'):

  • 1 dog- $60, $37.50 per additional dog in same suite

private boarding rates

Includes potty breaks and mid-day walk service. All clients receive a complimentary photo report cards.

Standard Suite (5.5’x6’):

  • 1 dog- $65, $37.50 per additional dog in same suite, unless separate walks are required

Deluxe Suite (10’x7’):

  • 1 dog- $75, $37.50 per additional dog in same suite

private boarding & Private daycare evaluations

  • Evaluation- complimentary 1/hr meet and greet

private daycare

Your pup will relax in a spacious boarding suite; includes potty breaks, midday walk service, bedding, meal service, and medication administration if needed.

  • $38/half day

  • $48/full day


  • Treat or PB Kong: $4

  • 15 or 30 minute walks in the neighborhood: $15/$20 for up to two dogs in the same family

  • Peanut Butter for medication: $1 per day

  • Brush Out, Massage, or Play Session, 15 minutes: $15

  • Calming Aid: $2 day (AM & PM dose)

  • Our food: $1 per cup (1 cup minimum charge)

  • Grain free food: $2 per cup

  • Bathing: based on size and coat type, please see our bathing page for exact fees

  • Daily Photo & Report Card: $3 per day

  • NEW! 15 minute training sessions: $20 per session, packages available

*We use grain-free organic vegetable based treats in our Kongs and natural peanut butter!